The pirates who couldn’t lose.

The New York Times is carrying an interesting article today, and after you’ve read it, that sound you heard is a clue being got by the mainstream media. Yes, indeed, fighting Internet piracy is a global game of Whac-A-Mole.

They seem to have picked up on the fact that not making your content available and accessible at a reasonable price drives content to the top of the piracy charts, pointing to the example of Game of Thrones being the most illegally streamed show at the moment. The Pirate Bay crew have gone open source, allowing thousands of clones of their streaming service to spread, and now that 3d printing is going mainstream, you have cases like Games Workshop going legal on someone’s arse just because they’ve been producing tanks ‘in the style of’ the Warhammer 40k vehicles. Sigh.

Schematics sharing – a new IP infringement coming to a court near you soon, folks.

3-D print file sharing, yarrrrr.
3-D print file sharing, yarrrrr.


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