The First Omen: Mark Kermode reviews this Baby Boom Boom horror film (video).

Roll up for the most wicked baby shower of 2024, as “The First Omen” redefines the horror of the maternity ward! Directed by Arkasha Stevenson, this prequel to the original devilish drama, “The Omen,” mixes supernatural scares with sinister satires so perfectly, it’s almost sinful. Let’s jet back to Rome, 1971, where bell bottoms were big, and the devil’s plans even bigger. Enter Margaret Daino, an American novitiate with dreams of peace, love, and an easy life in a quaint Roman orphanage. Little does she know, she’s walked into a plot twist so convoluted it makes a bowl of spaghetti look straight.

Margaret’s tour of duty at the Vizzardeli Orphanage quickly turns from singing psalms to dodging demonic toddlers. She teams up with the local disco-dancing clergy, including a Cardinal who’s more ‘deep state’ than ‘deep faith’. Cue Father Brennan, a priest so intense he might as well be auditioning for an exorcism on Broadway.

As Margaret discovers the church’s plan to bump up attendance through fear (because nothing fills those pews faster than a prophecy of doom), she learns that the so-called Antichrist is about to crash the party. And guess what? She’s not just invited—she’s hosting.

When Margaret stumbles upon a baby photo album in Sister Silvia’s office labelled “Scianna”, it’s not your typical cute baby TikTok feed. Instead, it’s a catalog of the church’s attempts to engineer the perfect little devil, complete with sinister birthmarks. Fast forward through a few hallucinations, a satanic ritual at the disco (as one does), and Margaret finds herself pregnant with not just any baby, but the Antichrist’s twin. That’s right, folks – it’s a buy-one-get-one-free on Armageddon!

But no, it doesn’t stop there. In a twist worthy of a daytime soap, Margaret can’t bring herself to harm her hellspawn son after a very dramatic delivery that Cardinal Lawrence might not have billed for. As Margaret escapes the smouldering ruins of what was supposed to be a quaint little orphanage (now more of a backdrop for a heavy metal music video), she retreats to the mountains. Because where better to raise your demonic child and his saintly sister than in scenic seclusion?

Years later, Father Brennan shows up (again!), probably to remind everyone that the apocalypse is still on schedule. Margaret, now basically a supernatural survivalist, prepares for the next chapter in family drama.

“The First Omen” delivers a devilish mix of horror and humour, proving that when it comes to raising the Antichrist, it takes a village… or at least a very confused orphanage. So, grab your holy water and your popcorn, because this is one hell of a film you won’t want to miss!


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