Mars Express: a galactic gumshoe’s tale on the Red Planet (trailer).

Imagine a future where the sandy streets of Mars are illuminated not just by the distant sun, but by the flickering neon of dive bars and shadowy alleyways. This is the world of Mars Express, a French animated neo-noir sci-fi spectacle that’s as much about the mysteries of the human heart as it is about interstellar intrigue. Directed by Jérémie Périn, this film transports audiences to a 23rd-century Mars, where the line between human and machine blurs in the dust storms of the red planet.

The story orbits around Aline Ruby, a sharp-witted private investigator voiced by the talented Léa Drucker, and her android companion, Carlos Rivera, brought to life by Daniel Njo Lobé. Together, they dive into the heart of Martian society to unravel a murder mystery that could shake the very foundations of their world. Mathieu Amalric lends his voice to Chris Royjacker, whose mysterious aura adds layers of complexity to the already dense plot.

Produced by Everybody on Deck with a modest budget of €9 million, Mars Express proves that creativity isn’t just about flashy effects but also smart storytelling and well-crafted characters. The film premiered under the starry sky of Cannes and continued its journey to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, receiving nods of approval and critical acclaim. Critics like Rafael Motamayor from /Film have praised the film for grounding its high-flying sci-fi concepts with relatable human drama, giving it an impressive 8 out of 10.

As Mars Express prepares for its North American debut on May 3, 2024, courtesy of GKIDS, it promises not only a visual feast but also a thought-provoking exploration of themes like identity, love, and justice. Whether you’re a sci-fi aficionado or a newbie to the genre, this film offers a captivating ride through the cosmos. So, grab your space helmet and a bucket of popcorn—Mars awaits, and the express is about to depart!


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