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Doctor Who: Time-Travelling Tussles and Tardis Tribulations (video).

In the mysterious vortex of time and space, the second season of “Doctor Who,” charmingly dissected by Stam Fine, whisks us back to the swinging 60s – specifically between 1964 and 1965. The iconic William Hartnell, donning his irascible and slightly forgetful portrayal of The Doctor, embarks on a whirlwind of adventures that see old friends depart and new faces arrive.

As the TARDIS doors swing open, Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill) and Ian Chesterton (William Russell) are still grappling with the outlandish lifestyle of time travel. From the minuscule threats in “Planet of Giants” to the grand Dalek schemes in “The Dalek Invasion of Earth,” their journey is anything but dull.

Enter Vicki (Maureen O’Brien), the sprightly new companion who finds her feet—and the Doctor’s erratic navigation skills—on the desolate landscape of Planet Dido in “The Rescue.” Meanwhile, the stoic Susan (Carole Anne Ford) bids adieu, leaving space boots to fill as the crew meanders through time and space.

Don’t forget the mischievous “Meddling Monk” who stirs up historical havoc, or the eerie encounters with a legion of insects on “The Web Planet.” The intrepid explorers also stumble into a reenactment of historical episodes ranging from the fiery pits of “The Romans” to the silent shadows of “The Crusade.” Just when you think the historical escapades are over, “The Space Museum” offers a reflective pause—only to be chased down by more Daleks in “The Chase.” It’s a galactic game of cat and mouse, ending with the introduction of Steven Taylor (Peter Purves), whose timing couldn’t be better.

But the crowning jewel of this tumultuous tour of time? “The Time Meddler,” where our favourite Time Lord grapples with the cheeky Monk amidst the backdrop of Viking invasions. And in a cheeky twist of fate—or should we say ‘surf’?—the season wraps up with a mysterious ‘Dalek Invasion of Surf,’ leaving us pondering whether the Daleks have taken to the waves or simply gone off the deep end.

From buzzing insects to bustling historical scenes, Stam Fine Reviews has perfectly captured the chaotic charm of “Doctor Who’s” second season. Whether you’re a lifelong Whovian or a curious newcomer, this retrospective is a delightful jaunt through time, equipped with all the quirks and quips that the early days of the show are cherished for.


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