About SFcrowsnest magazine

Originally set up in 1991 on the AppleLink online service – a pre-web bulletin board system founded by Steve Jobs’ Apple – SFcrowsnest is the oldest online magazine dedicated to such geek interests as science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk, science, engineering, futurism, and other worthy genres.

It was actually one of the first online magazines of any subject, let alone the first online sci-fi genre web site.

If we had an animal spirit, it’d be an Elasmosaur struggling on inside Loch Ness. I guess the asteroid missed us.

SFcrowsnest has never been a commercial operation, we are run by genre fans in our spare time for other fans to enjoy, powered by donations from our writers (never enough to even pay for the web site hosting, sadly) and our passion for the genre and hobby (with maybe a few strong cups of coffee consumed along the way).

We’re still going thirty-three-odd years later, and we’re also still proudly free to access with content contributed by volunteer fans and readers around the world.

We’ve made a loss every year of our thirty-two-year existence – the days when Google Ads helped cover the cost of hosting, software, etc are sadly lost decades back, now.

If you want to help support us, you can buy one of the bestselling scifi and fantasy books listed at the bottom of the site navigation – they’re Amazon affiliate links, and we get a tiny percentage of each sale – which means we don’t have to raid our volunteers’ dwindling day-job wages quite as much as we otherwise would.

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