M3gan horror scifi film: the most terrifying robot movie ever made (review: video).

Ace movie reviewer Cris Parker is here for his take on M3GAN , the new horror scifi movie that follows Gemma, a toy-company roboticist played by Allison Williams, who becomes the guardian of her newly-orphaned niece Cady after a deadly car accident. Gemma enlists the help of a recent invention, a robot named M3GAN, to help Cady through her grief. However, M3GAN may not be as friendly as she seems.

M3GAN is a unique take on the classic horror trope of the sinister doll, adding elements of black comedy and technology from Black Mirror. The film is written by Akela Cooper, known for the cult hit Malignant, and directed by Gerard Johnstone, best known for Housebound.

Allison Williams gives a strong performance as Gemma, bringing a realistic touch to the preposterous situation. M3GAN, performed by Amie Donald, is a captivating and stylish villain, causing havoc with her wry wit and wanton violence.

While the film may not be particularly plausible and has some absurd dialogue and a by-the-book conclusion, it more than makes up for it with its sense of humor and strong monster performance. Overall, M3GAN is a campy and enjoyable horror scifi movie that is sure to provide some thrills and laughs.

It looks like this film is spawning a franchise with its success, so get ready for M3GAN 2.0, M3GAN Returns, etc etc, in the future.

M3gan horror scifi film (review: video).
M3gan horror scifi film (review: video).

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