The Star Wars Cookbook: Han Sandwiches And Other Galactic Snacks by Lara Starr with photographs by Angie Cao (book review).

For the little ‘Star Wars’ fan in your life who are desperate to learn to cook before they go to university and live on cold pizza, this book could help them on their way.

Illustrated with the action figures of Han Solo and Chewbacca, this small book goes where several have gone before (whoops wrong franchise) and tries to make cooking fun for nerds. Sadly, I don’t have time or the spare calories to actually test the recipes so I have applied commonsense to the recipes to see if they should work. The book comes with two sandwich or cookie cutters, the Millennium Falcon and a Wookie head. They are packaged in a cardboard presentation box with a plastic clear top. Do not get me started on packaging because we would be here all day.

The opening instructions are good, covering equipment, skill level and safety aspects for the young cook. Some of the recipes are more challenging and it would have been nice to include that on each recipe. They are all do-able, though, and give the opportunity to learn through experience. There are photos of some of the recipes complete with the action figures, photographer Angie Cao had fun taking those.

The recipes are all variations on a sandwich using everything from normal bread to wraps and rice cakes. There are even some desserts included, as man or Wookie cannot live without sugar. There is plenty of variety and, hopefully, would help make children more adventurous eaters. There are also some egregious puns along the way. The ‘Ham Solo’ is forgiven but the ‘Quesogreedos’ will take some forgetting.

Overall, this is a nice little cookbook that would hopefully inspire and entertain young minds encouraging not only reading but developing cooking skills as well. I’m all for anything that helps spread the idea that everyone, even Han Solo can learn to cook.

Sue Davies

November 2018

(pub: Chronicle Books. 64 page paperback with two cookie cutters. Price; £19.99 (UK), $22.99 (US). 978-1-45216-299-7)

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