Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Tasha Yar, actress Denise Crosby interviewed (video).

Denise Crosby, well known for her role as Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is interviewed by Mark and Erica.

Denise’s early life and the hippie VW Bus tragedy in Mexico are revealed. Why she appeared for Playboy, why she wanted out of Star Trek, and why she wasn’t enthusiastic about modelling (but enjoyed Europe).

She’s responsible for the films “Trekkies” and “Trekkies 2,” and she’s now working on a third film on Trekkies.

Denise also plays “Stuck on a Deserted Island with Connor Trinneer” as Connor and Erica answer fan questions in this week’s Star Trek Trivia.

Ah, Tasha Yar, the chief of security aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She was a trailblazer for strong women in science fiction, paving the way for characters like Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. But unfortunately, Tasha’s time on Star Trek: The Next Generation was cut short, as actress Denise Crosby decided to leave the series due to her character not being developed enough.

But just like the characters on the show, Tasha has had multiple lives. After her untimely demise in the first season, she made a surprise return in the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” where it was revealed she was alive in an alternate timeline. And in the series finale, “All Good Things…,” we got to see Tasha in her prime, before she even boarded the Enterprise.

But Tasha’s story doesn’t end there. Crosby returned to the role for the fan-produced series Star Trek: New Voyages, where she played an ancestor of Tasha Yar, Jenna Yar. And in 2013, Tasha was written into the online game Star Trek Online, with Crosby even recording audio for the game.

It’s clear that Tasha Yar’s legacy lives on, and we can’t help but wonder what could have been if Denise Crosby had stayed on the show. But for now, we’ll just have to settle for re-watching her episodes and imagining all the badass security missions Tasha could have gone on.

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Tasha Yar, actress Denise Crosby interviewed (video).
Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Tasha Yar, actress Denise Crosby interviewed (video).

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