Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium by Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook and Wade Grawbroger (graphic novel review).

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This first volume collects the latest 2019 version of the LSH in Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium # 1-2 and Legion Of Super-Heroes # 1-6.

Every time there is a Legion Of Super-Heroes remake, it’s now become a habit to scan the back pages to see what changes have been made to the characters. This time writer Brian Bendis has probably made the most radical changes in terms of ethnicity, Lightning Lad and Light Lass are now black and red-heads, although the hair colour isn’t always apparent. Cosmic Boy is now a tad oriental and Saturn Girl has platinum hair and an interesting new costume although I do wonder why her planet isn’t embossed in Interlac on her chest. Considering that the President of the United Planets speaks Interlac, you would have thought the language alphabet would have been at the back of the book or at least a link for translation. Oh, she’s also the secret mother of one of the legionnaires but giving her name is spoiler.

Of the other legionnaires, there are superficial resemblance to their earlier counter-parts although both Matter-Eater Lad (no new name there) and Timber Wolf have put on weight. Triplicate Girl has gone rad. Dawnstar’s wings are no longer visible when not using them and looks the most radically normal considering the changes with the rest. Incidentally, she now has a full name of Dawnstar Gr’ell. I’m expecting someone to be named after Dave Cockrum at this rate. Well, until you see some of the others where they’ve been changed or stayed the same. Presumably, Colossal Boy will still be Jewish and Blok still rocky. Interestingly, Brainiac 5 is not done as a borderline madman this time.

The LSH also has a version of the Green Lantern and Dr. Fate, so presumably they have innate powers. Considering all the variations in colour here, you would have thought now would have been a good time to bring back Tyroc but nary a sign of him.

Technology-wise, there is a visual ID that appears over their shoulders to make identification easy although I can’t help feeling that’s going to get old fast. Oh and it isn’t the Clark Kent/Superboy that is recruited but Jon Kent/Superboy, his son, and is deemed more important than his father.

Probably most radical is no LSH origin story until the fourth issue recap for Jon Kent. Instead, there is the discovery of Rose Forrest, who is keeping her aggressive alter-ego Thorn in check and apparently immortal, although you do have to wonder over the millennium why she hasn’t adjusted to 31st century dialect. It isn’t as though she is suddenly there. She is also the LSH’s liaison to the President of the United Planets.

Much of the real story here rotates around Aquaman’s discovered lost trident and problems with Ultra Boy’s father who is the ruler of the planet Rimbor. Much of it is getting used to the new character variants and wondering how it will parallel the previous versions. After all, Ferrro Lad is back but is barely seen and Invisible Kid is the second version. Physical presence is a different thing and having them there as a group should distinguish them. The worse costume has to belong to Element Lad who has an ‘E’ on his chest and should be done in Interlac. I’m not convinced by the various hairstyles and Ultra Boy’s looks the worse. These are first impressions after all. They certainly look more adult than teens.

I’m still making my mind up about this version of the LSH. Not that I have anything against racial diversity. There are enough alien representatives here after all but will it appeal to the core original Legion fans as much as attracting new blood. Bendis’ storytelling isn’t in doubt and there’s a lot to pick up on here and absorb. I suspect the real test will be seeing the Legion taking some downtime and how they get on with each other. That will have to be a wait for the next volume.

GF Willmetts

October 2020

(pub: DC Comics, 2020. Page graphic novel softcover. Price: I pulled my copy for about £ 15.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-40129-577-6)

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