Uncharted: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake (film news).

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Sony Pictures has sent us a picture from the Uncharted movie, based on the video game franchise of the same name.

Tom Holland has released a first look at his character, the treasure-hunting hero Nathan Drake… shades of Indiana Jones!

Uncharted: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake (film news).

Uncharted: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake (film news).


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  1. Im Farrell says:

    I like Tom Holland a great deal but this movie is crazily miscast. Holland isn’t right even for a young Drake and Marky Mark as Sully ? Nope.

    One of these days we will get a game adaptation that works. I guess Detective Pikachu was ok…

    Currently my hopes are pinned on the TV adaptation of The Last of Us. The team making it tick all the right boxes at least, all though Im not entirely sure it’s necessary.

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