Foundation: a second Foundation of intrigue? Unpacking season 2 of Apple TV+’s series (trailer).

Greetings SFcrowsnest faithful! The moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. The official trailer for season 2 of Apple TV+’s star-studded sci-fi drama, ‘Foundation‘, has just been released, and let’s just say it has stirred up more than a ripple in the galaxy of sci-fi fandom. As we prepare to delve back into this complex universe of interstellar politics, enigmatic Mentalics, and inevitable wars, let’s try to dissect what’s in store for us.

More than a century has passed since we last saw our favorite characters, and the trailer promises a universe teetering on the brink of disaster. The Cleons are unraveling faster than a cheap, galactic knitted sweater, and a vengeful queen has her sights set on the Empire’s destruction. It’s almost like an episode of interstellar ‘EastEnders’, only with fewer pubs and more spaceships.

Meanwhile, Hari, Gaal, and Salvor stumble upon a colony of Mentalics with special abilities that could possibly rewrite the rulebook of psychohistory. We at SFcrowsnest can’t help but ponder, will these Mentalics become the heroes we didn’t know we needed or will they unravel the delicate balance of the galaxy, one telepathic message at a time?

‘Foundation’ continues to boast a stellar ensemble cast, led by Emmy-nominated actors Jared Harris and Lee Pace. Also, keep your eyes peeled for fresh faces making their debut this season. We can’t help but feel a particular sense of intrigue about Holt McCallany’s Warden Jaegger Fount. Will he be the hardened guardian of galactic law or perhaps, the harbinger of chaos?

The series continues to be produced by Skydance Television with David S. Goyer at the helm as showrunner and executive producer. Given his ability to craft multi-layered, complex narratives, we can only guess where he’ll be taking us this season.

As the Foundation and Empire hurtle towards a war that could change the fate of humanity, we find ourselves at the edge of our gravity couches, ready for this cosmic ride. We just hope that the new characters have had a crash course in psychohistory, or they’re in for a rather rough ride. Well, at least we are guaranteed some stellar entertainment!

So, gear up, SFcrowsnest readers! Season 2 of ‘Foundation‘ promises a labyrinth of political intrigue, alien abilities, and some good ol’ fashioned space drama. Set a course for Apple TV+ this July 14th 2023. The future of humanity depends on it, or so the above trailer tells us.

Foundation: second season trailer (Apple TV scifi series).
Foundation: second season trailer (Apple TV scifi series).


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