Asimov’s Foundation series built to last as a new Apple-backed TV series.

Classic science fiction author Isaac Asimov is to get TV life breathed into his Foundation series of books (aka Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation) by – not Netflix or Amazon – but Apple Computer!

Apple have hired Skydance Studios to do the deed, with Josh Friedman of Avatar 2, the War of the Worlds and The Sarah Connor Chronicles-fame as the brains behind the adaption.

Let’s hope that Skydance do a better-received job than their recent Altered Carbon Netflix series.

Foundation focuses on a genius, Hari Seldon, who created a form of future-predicting mathematics known as psychohistory.

Using the laws of informed chaos theory, his brilliant new science can predict the future, but only on a super-large scale.

Seldon foresees the coming fall of the current Galactic Empire and a horrific dark age lasting 30,000 years before a second empire arises. But our hero thinks there is a way to limit this dark age to a mere thousand years. To shorten the terrors of the dark age, Seldon creates the Foundation – a secret society dedicated to preserving human knowledge and re-ignite civilisation.

Isaac Asimov ‘Foundation’ tv series
Isaac Asimov’s Foundation TV series


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