Foundation: series 2, because in space, no one can hear you scheme (scifi TV series trailer).

Ah, so here’s the new trailer for the second series of Apple TV’s Foundation. Tensions throughout the galaxy have been rising for almost a century since the end of Season 1. An angry queen prepares an insurrection as the Cleons fall apart. When Hari, Gaal, and Salvor investigate, they find a community of Mentalics whose extraordinary powers might change the course of psychohistory. Meanwhile, the destiny of mankind hangs in the balance as the Foundation and Empire head headlong towards a full-scale conflict.

“In space, no one can hear you scheme.”

This might as well be the tagline for Apple TV+’s newest science fiction sensation, “Foundation“, the spicy sci-fi equivalent of a royal drama full of palace intrigue, only instead of a palace, we have a 12,000-year-old Galactic Empire that spans the whole cosmos, with an Emperor who is constantly cloning himself. Let’s call it “Game of Clones”.

Emperor Cleon I, or rather, Cleon XII and XIII, (portrayed by the versatile Lee Pace), rules the Empire. He’s as timeless as a three-day old take-out pizza thanks to some handy-dandy genetic replication. But forget the Empire’s economic policy or the mechanisms of interstellar governance. The real question at the heart of the series is, who is Cleon cloning to cut his hair? Because that celestial Caesar cut is immaculate.

And then we have Hari Seldon, a mathematician who’s so good at his job, he’s now the galaxy’s top criminal. Seldon, played by the ever-brilliant Jared Harris, has developed psychohistory – a science that is less about talking out your issues on a therapist’s couch and more about predicting the future. According to his mathematical models, the Empire’s on the brink of collapse. Talk about a party pooper.

Much to Seldon’s chagrin, the Empire disagrees with his pessimistic projections. They accuse him of treason and demand he builds a “Foundation” – a gigantic digital library that might just be the ultimate backup for humanity’s knowledge, just in case Seldon’s math actually checks out. Imagine if every time you made a mathematical error in your algebra homework, you were sent off to create an entire knowledge repository at the edge of the known universe. Now that’s what I call extreme education.

We also have Gaal Dornick, played by Lou Llobell, a brilliant protegée from a backwater planet where thinking is a crime. She’s been dragged into this mess for managing to solve Seldon’s complex math problems. Think about that the next time you solve a Sudoku. You never know where your genius will land you.

There’s an android majordomo, Eto Demerzel, played by Laura Birn, who must be tired of babysitting the Emperors (yes, plural), and an impressive line-up of complex and captivating characters, not to mention the spaceships, epic battles, and ancient mysteries that are the bread and butter of great sci-fi.

With a series that spans a millennium, you’d think the characters would have all the time in the world to figure things out. However, much like the Galactic Empire, this show has no time for slow burns. The plot rockets off faster than an interstellar freighter on a tight schedule, complete with star-crossed love stories, deadly mysteries, and an entire set of political and scientific debates packed into every episode.

Let’s not forget about the special effects. “Foundation” may be the first show where you can enjoy the dazzling display of a galactic sunset, while also watching a space elevator get blown to bits. Nothing says ‘prime-time viewing’ quite like enjoying a cosmic catastrophe with a side of popcorn.

“Foundation” gives us a cosmic tapestry woven with threads of scientific wonder, political intrigue, and the timeless human drama that unfolds across galaxies and generations. You’ve got action, romance, suspense, and even some moments of comedy sprinkled in amongst the space opera spectacle. It’s safe to say “Foundation” is a fitting tribute to Asimov’s legacy and a welcome addition to our modern roster of serialized sagas.

Foundation: series 2, because in space, no one can hear you scheme (scifi TV series trailer).
Foundation: series 2, because in space, no one can hear you scheme (scifi TV series trailer).


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2 thoughts on “Foundation: series 2, because in space, no one can hear you scheme (scifi TV series trailer).

  • It seems to be wandering away from the books. Is that good?

  • I was chatting about this with family the other day, as it happens. The conclusion we drew is that we love the books, but as idea magnets, they were more or less unfilmable. Everything that has been added is simply the sauce to make it palatable to the wider audience. It’s not the original books, but it’s not half bad, even so.


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