When the Mouse eats your lunch: scifi author Alan Dean Foster on getting ^%^%%$ed by Disney (new interview).

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If you haven’t heard yet, science fiction author Alan Dean Foster has experienced the “interesting” situation of Disney refusing to pay him his writer’s royalties owed under contract for his work on the early Star Wars novelisations, as well as a few later novels in the tie-in media field for the Alien/Aliens movie franchise (Disney picked up Fox along the way, as well as Lucasfilm).

There’s been a big online campaign by disgusted netizens at the greed of the House of Mouse in choosing to screw over long time writer Alan Dean Foster, and as part of their ongoing campaign, here is the interview which Daniel Greene did with the man of the moment, along with Mary Robinette Kowal the current president of the SFWA – Science Fiction Writers of America – the trade union of the genre.

If those sons of bitches are allowed to get away with this, what it means is that any time a publisher fancies stiffing all of its authors for the money they are due, all they have to do is sell their company to a newly established company, and then claim that they are only purchasing the assets, not the contractual obligations that go along with those assets.

Disney to scifi author Alan Dean Foster: Royalties, what stinking royalties?

Disney to scifi author Alan Dean Foster: Royalties, what stinking royalties?


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