UFO’s cancelled 2nd season stealth-morphed into Space 1999 (documentary).

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Chris Dale delves into the classic British Gerry Anderson scifi TV series UFO and the reasons for its termination, as well as how Gerry Anderson turned his massive amounts of pre-production for the second season into the mega hit Space: 1999 that we all know and love today.

UFO's cancelled 2nd season stealth-morphed into Space 1999

UFO’s cancelled 2nd season stealth-morphed into Space 1999

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  1. Greetings
    I really loved your article on “Caotain of the Seaview,” which led me to other SF Crowsnest features I can’t wait to look into (UFO, Space 1999, etc).
    I’ll keep this brief because I may have “no URL” issues while attempting to submit.
    Would you and your team be willing to help me “guess” the length of the Seaview? I’m trying to figure out, what might be the MAXIMUM length allowable , even in fiction (with Handwavium) for a submarine that is also said to be very speedy and maneuverable, with all those missiles too.
    I’m mostly considering all those infamous “long corridors” that, in later seasons when consideration is more meaningless, hide the creature(s) of the week. And as you noted, WHERE are the subs other officers and CPOs? Maybe in the vast innards somewhere.
    I know that seasons 3 and 4 throw continuity to the wind, but another episode from the “kid’s stuff” era has me impressed with the sheer audacity of it.
    Season 4s “Journey With Fear” has a manned Space launch from…WITHIN THE SUBMARINE.
    Maybe, with Handwavium regarding exotic Fuels (no multi stage rocketry) and a big enough submarine, we might be able to consider a solution.
    Thank you for bearing with me.
    As you know, the first unofficial guesstimate for Seaview length was 420 feet (maybe when Seaview was considered to start with a Skipjack “teardrop” hull design, see cover 1961 movie paperback tie in). Length has since been moved up to approximately 620 feet by some fans.
    Of late, 720 feet has been conjectured. Any comments will be gratefully received.
    Many thanks!

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