UFO mass sighting in New Jersey, USA: thousands see it, many report it in (weird news)

There was a mass UFO sighting only yesterday (14th September 2020) in New Jersey in the USA, with thousands of people spotting the strange intruder, while hundreds of witnesses called this day-time UFO sighting into the police, news channels, and the like … with many videos and pictures now making their way onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

The UFO appears triangular with a light in the middle and roughly matches the profile of the whispered TR-3B experimental craft said to be being tested by the U.S military – a supposed secret vehicle that uses ultra-pressured mercury spun up by a pocket nuclear reactor to produce a plasma which mimics an anti-gravity field while maneuvering using distributed conventional thrusters to execute high-speed maneuvers along all axes.

This bad boy appeared to be able to float without generating jet engine or rotor engine noise, however. It brought multiple highways in New Jersey to a gridlock stop as drivers halted and got out of their cars to film the weird thing.

Despite getting hundreds of calls, the U.S. Airforce sent no interceptors out, which has set tongues wagging that this is classified U.S. hardware rather than alien in nature.

Some debunkers claimed it was the Goodyear Blimp and submitted photos of a blimp. It later transpired these pictures were taken the day before, and no blimps were cleared for transit in the air-space by air traffic control on the 14th of September, 2020.

Around this time of year in 1970, New Jersey was badly hit by multiple intense waves of swamp gas, and that localized phenomenon does tend to move in fifty-year cycles, but the New Brunswick weather station has been unable to confirm if this is the case, this month.

An alternative theory now being put forward is that this is a refracted image of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse appearing in the sky due to increased particulate pollution coming across on high atmosphere winds from the Californian wild-fires.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any odder?

Here are a few of the videos shot of this mystery craft and/or light-house.

UFO mass sighting in New Jersey, USA: thousands report it in (weird news)

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