The Lost Child Of Lychford (Witches Of Lychford book 2) by Paul Cornell (book review).

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We’re not a coven, just three powerful women who encounter ‘The Lost Child Of Lychford’. This is a welcome sequel to ‘The Witches Of Lychford’, where the three encounter some serious power from the other side. In fact, from all sides. This time the women are divided by their experiences, their power lost because each one is attacked where she is most vulnerable.

The Reverend Lizzie Blackmore meets a child in the church She’s had her eyes opened by previous events but, this is too much for her, as the child is obviously a ghost so imagine her surprise when she finds the ‘ghost’ child is alive and well. The appearance of the child is only part of the problem as her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic.

Autumn, the owner of the magic shop in the village of Lychford decides to try out dating and she’s really happy she did. Except for the consequences. She becomes obsessed with her date and this is also leading to some dangerous behaviour.

Judith, already the bearer of an unbearable burden finds that there is worse in store for her. She’s not even safe in her own home.

Everything might be lost, except for that certain power of three and they will need all their strength and power to overcome the evil that is approaching Lychford.

This lovely quirky novel is part two of a great series and hotly anticipated by me. Paul Cornell shows his expertise of creating characters who we feel attached to, despite the shortness of the story, as if they have a continuing life outside of the pages. I really enjoyed it as it had the right amount of horror without tipping over the edge. The darkness counterpointed by the characters of the three women and the otherworldiness made it a great read and another in a must-read series for me.

Sue Davies

December 2016

(pub: TOR/Forge. 135 page small enlarged paperback. Price: $14.99 (US), £12.07 (UK). ISBN-13: 978-0-76538-977-0)

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