The first 1-billion view YouTube video? Gangnam Style!

Gangnam Style by Psy had just passed the 850 million download mark on YouTube making it the most popular video on the planet… like, ever. It’s predicted to be the first one billion views video by Christmas 2012. Thanks, Santa. Now, here’s the real question. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Are there that many people who love Korean pop music in the world? The population of South Korea is only 49 million – the North Koreans are sadly too busy foraging for grass to eat, given their messed-up society, so are hardly likely to account for the remaining 800 million views in the ten minutes a day when they actually have working electricity.

Manga I get. Anime I get. Steampunk, bring it on. But this Gangnam Style?

So again… whyyyyyyyyy?

Any answers supplied in the comments field here would be much appreciated.

The first 1-billion view YouTube video? Gangnam Style!
Keep on dancing, you mad fools.

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