The 28,000-year-long battery, on a single charge (science news).

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A start-up in the USA called Nano Damond Battery is touting a revolutionary new battery technology that would allow you to stick a battery in your mobile phone or laptop, and use it for 28,000 years before you need a re-charge … or a Tesla-sized automobile battery which could run your electric car (and use it to power your house on the side) for 90 years before you needed a refuel.

It’s a green battery made from recycled intermediate and high level waste using nanotechnology, where the base material of the diamond battery is diamond … the hardest material on the planet..

They say “Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) is a new type of battery that defies the nature of what a battery is meant to be. It is a battery that doesn’t run out in a single user’s lifetime. It is a battery that harvests electricity from energetic electrons and keeps doing so for thousands of years.”

Let’s hope this one makes it to market!

Sounds a little like the Robert A. Heinlein novel Friday where he wrote about the ‘shipstone’ battery which did more or less the same thing – and made the corporation behind it so rich and powerful they were almost the world/interstellar government in the end.

The 28,000-year-long battery, on a single charge (science news).

Powers your watch for longer than humanity has existed?


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