Sumuru (science fiction film in full: video).

In a distant corner of the universe, Antares was the site of a shocking discovery – a forgotten colony of Earth, where women rule and men toil. Adam Wade and Jake Carpenter embark on a daring mission to this mysterious world, determined to uncover its secrets and save humanity.

But they quickly find themselves in the middle of a battle between the ruthless Queen Sumuru and her nemesis, the snake cult priestess Taxan. The two astronauts must navigate this hostile and unfamiliar terrain, facing earthquakes, a giant snake, and anti-male prejudice, to complete their mission and save the last of the human race.

Along the way, they find allies in the fair and rational-minded Queen Sumuru, her personal guard Dove, and her young brother Will. Together, they must defeat the snake cult and escape Antares, which is on the brink of destruction from its internal pressures.

Strap in for a wild ride in this sci-fi epic, directed by Darrell Roodt and starring Alexandra Kamp and Michael Shanks. With breathtaking action and stunning visual effects, “Sumuru, or Sax Rohmer’s Sumuru” is a thrilling update of the classic pulp novel that might leave you on the edge of your seat.

Sumuru (science fiction film in full: video).
Sumuru (science fiction film in full: video).

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