Strong (short science fiction film: in full).

Here’s a very well-made short scifi movie from Jean Lee called Strong.

Superterra is a place of hope, wealth, and medical wonders, but the only way to get there is via a wormhole, which the government tightly controls and polices. Strong (Nancy Talamantes) is an interstellar shuttle builder who scavenges astronautic technology.

All of this is being done to get her ill mother (Jacqueline Garrido) off the planet since Earth no longer has the medical facilities to save her. Strong and her mother must try to go before their time runs out when the government of Superterra declares its intention to block all access to the wormhole in the name of border protection.

To aid them in their endeavour is Spark Pug, a robotic navigator played by Ricardo Moreno Villa.

Strong (short science fiction film: in full).
Strong (short science fiction film: in full).

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