Megaforce (a spy-fy movie retrospective).

Stam Fine is back for his damn fine look at some spy-fy/scifi film classics, in this case, the flick Megaforce.

Yes, welcome to the thrilling world of MegaForce, the 1982 spy-fy action film that was so bad it was nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies). This cinematic masterpiece was directed by Hal Needham, a former stuntman, and written by an impressive team of four (which, let’s be honest, probably explains a lot).

The plot of MegaForce is a real doozy. It involves two fictional countries, the Republic of Sardun and Gamibia, which are at war or something. Sardun is all peace and love, while Gamibia is all aggression and anger. Anyway, Sardun can’t defend itself from Gamibia’s attacks, so it sends Major Zara and General Byrne-White to ask for help from MegaForce, a secret army made up of international soldiers with super fancy weapons and vehicles. The leader of MegaForce is Commander Ace Hunter, who takes on his old rival Duke Guerera (who is leading Gamibia’s forces) in an epic showdown.

While all this is going on, Major Zara tries out to join MegaForce and Ace Hunter falls for her (aww). But unfortunately, he can’t let her join the team because it would disrupt the trust and familiarity of the group (aww, again). Eventually, MegaForce successfully drops into Gamibia and destroys Guerera’s base, but Sardun decides it doesn’t want MegaForce around because it’s just too dangerous (sorry, MegaForce).

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Guerera sets a trap for MegaForce at the team’s only way out (some cargo planes) and sends tanks to secure the area. MegaForce comes up with a plan to attack Guerera from behind and manages to break through the tanks, but one of the cargo planes gets damaged in the process. The team has to abandon their high-tech vehicles (which they program to self-destruct, naturally) and make it to the last plane on foot. Well, almost everyone makes it – Ace Hunter has to make a dramatic escape on his motorcycle that deploys airfoils and a rocket motor and catches up with the plane midair.

Despite losing the battle, Guerera gives Ace Hunter a thumbs up, showing admiration for his cunning. And that, my friends, is the wild and wacky world of MegaForce.

Megaforce (a spy-fy movie retrospective).
Megaforce (a spy-fy movie retrospective).

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