Star Trek: what’s the future of the franchise? (video).

The Critical Drinker rips the top of a tin of the cold stuff and ponders the issue of Star Trek, and asks what’s the future of the franchise in film and TV now that it’s going on in the same vein on all fronts?

Star Trek: what's the future of the franchise? (video).
What happens next is… logical?

Meanwhile, the Dark Overlord of our planet has a few words to say on the matter too, which more or less jibe with C.D.

One thought on “Star Trek: what’s the future of the franchise? (video).

  • I grew up with Star Trek the TV show and then the movies plus the rest of the other series that followed. But lately, it seems to me, it’s becoming trying to keep a dead horse from dropping to the ground in it’s tracks.
    Let it go gracefully into the past as all great things sooner or later must.


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