Role Play: new Amazon Prime spy-fy movie (trailer).

Ah, the suburbs of New Jersey: land of manicured lawns, soccer moms, and… deadly assassins? Apparently so, in the upcoming spy-fy thriller Role Play, where Kaley Cuoco takes a break from sitcom laughs to dabble in the fine art of contract killing. And you thought your neighbor’s secret life as a scrapbooking fanatic was wild.

Directed by Thomas Vincent, Role Play takes the concept of “marital secrets” to a whole new level. Cuoco stars as Emma, a seemingly typical suburban mom with a penchant for assassinations on behalf of the Deep State. Honestly, who needs book club when you can juggle soccer practice and stealth missions?

David Oyelowo co-stars as the clueless hubby, David, whose biggest concern up until now was probably whether the lawn was greener on the other side. But alas, things take a turn when the couple decides to “spice things up” a bit. Talk about a spicy date night gone awry.

Joining the suburban thrill ride are Bill Nighy, replacing Billy Bob Thornton as the “mysterious stranger” (because every thriller needs one), and Connie Nielsen. Their roles are shrouded in mystery, much like the Tupperware in the back of your fridge.

Penned by Seth Owen, the film is produced by Cuoco herself alongside Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona. It’s always fun when the lead actor decides to call the shots off-camera too. Maybe she’s making sure there are enough snacks on set?

Principal photography kicked off in July 2022 at Babelsberg Studio in Berlin, because nothing says “suburban New Jersey” like Germany. Perhaps it’s that European charm they’re after, or maybe New Jersey just wasn’t ready for this level of suburban espionage.

Scheduled to hit Prime Video on January 12th, 2024, Role Play promises to be a cocktail of domestic bliss and deadly secrets. It’s like taking a peek into your neighbor’s window, only to find they’re not just arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes. So, buckle up for what could be the most thrilling trip to the ‘burbs yet. Just remember, the next time you see a minivan in your neighborhood, it might just be an undercover assassin’s ride of choice.

Role Play: new Amazon Prime spy-fy movie (trailer).
Role Play: new Amazon Prime spy-fy movie (trailer).


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