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Soup’s Up: Melody Skylark’s Cosmic Adventure? (short science fiction film: in full)

Hold onto your spoons, sci-fi enthusiasts! Prepare to dive into a bowl of intergalactic intrigue with Melody Skylark And The Cosmic Soup, the latest short film that serves up a hearty helping of supernatural shenanigans. Directed by the dynamic duo of Luke Pilgrim and Brad Kennedy, this cinematic concoction is a love letter to everyone who’s ever found unexpected messages in their alphabet soup.

Meet Melody Skylark, portrayed by the stellar Emily Topper, whose mundane mealtime transforms into a cosmic quest faster than you can say “MSG-free”. When her soup spells out a warning of an otherworldly war, Melody discovers she’s the chosen one. That’s right, not Neo, not Frodo, but Melody – your average, soup-eating savior of Earth!

Ryan King shines as Captain Starguard, whose name alone promises a grand space opera escapade. Meanwhile, Mickey Cole Jr. flips the script as John/Androvega, proving that dual roles aren’t just for Eddie Murphy anymore. And let’s not forget Patrick Lemon as Carl Clark AKA “The Boss”, who brings a new meaning to the term “supernatural supervisor”. Pilgrim and Kennedy, drawing inspiration from Spielberg to the Coen Bros, mix sci-fi, horror, and comedy with a sprinkle of fog and a dash of dramatic push-ins. Their commitment to storytelling with heart ensures that even the most irreverent fart joke carries a note of cinematic profundity.

The visual effects, led by Ellis Treece and supervised by Pilgrim himself, transform the mundane into the magnificent, making you reconsider the potential of your pantry. Phillip Arthur Simmons’ original score is the cherry on this cosmic sundae, weaving an auditory tapestry that’s as captivating as the film’s visuals.

Grips Jonathan Sleep and Devin McKay, along with production assistants Wyatt Goad and Andrew Burns, ensure that this film is as smooth as the soup it celebrates.

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how this cosmic concoction was cooked up, check out the filmmakers’ YouTube link. It’s like getting a peek into the kitchen of a five-star restaurant, but with more aliens and less Gordon Ramsay. So, if you’re craving a serving of sci-fi that’s both nutritious and delicious, look no further than Melody Skylark And The Cosmic Soup. It’s a film that proves sometimes the most profound messages in life come not from the stars, but from your soup bowl. Bon appétit, and may the soup be with you.

 Soup's Up: Melody Skylark's Cosmic Adventure? (short science fiction film: in full)
Soup’s Up: Melody Skylark’s Cosmic Adventure? (short science fiction film: in full)


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