Origin (Youtube’s big premium SF series).

From Lost‘s producers, here’s Youtube’s first tickle for their new premium subscription service, Origin, an original science fiction series following a group of would-be colonists escaping a dying Earth as they wake up from hypersleep on board their damaged colony starship, seemingly abandoned en route in deep space.

As their terrifying situation spirals into paranoia, the survivors come to realise that the greatest threat to their dream of starting again is something far darker than the Terran horrors they were desperate to escape.

Sounds a bit derivative, AKA the original Alien movie, Alien: CovenantPassengers, Sunshine, etc etc. Or even … Lost (in space).

It seems adrift starships are the new haunted house of the movie world.

Still, only time will tell if Origin transcends the cliches and brings in the loot for Youtube.

Origin (Youtube's big premium SF series).
Origin (Youtube’s big premium SF series).


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