Origin (new scifi series on YouTube Premium).

Here’s Origin, one of the new offerings of upcoming YouTube Premium service (this one is by the producers of The Crown & Lost), although Origin doesn’t feel very new, given it’s an addition to the ‘haunted spaceship’ sub-genre and scans like a clone of the upcoming Nightflyers series from Netflix.

What with a subscription service from just about everyone – Disney/Marvel – CBS – YouTube – HBO etc etc adding to Netflix and Amazon Prime’s, you have to wonder if the only winners will be the streaming pirate services, given it’s solely the likes of Jeff Bezos and chums who will be able to afford a full-spectrum subscription to everything that’s available.

In Origin, a group of troubled passengers wake up on a spaceship abandoned in deep space. Having blagged a fresh start boosting towards a newly colonised planet, they have to work out who’s killing them and why.

Fairly sure if corporations were going to spend giga-billions sending colonists from a dying Earth, you wouldn’t conscript a bunch of losers and criminals in a Foreign Legion-style fashion. Maybe that’s just me.

Origin (new scifi series on YouTube Premium).
Origin (new scifi series on YouTube Premium).

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