Daredevil (3rd season trailer on Netflix).

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Missing for months, Matt Murdock (actor Charlie Cox) reemerges a broken man after Electra’s death, putting into question Matt’s future as both superhero Daredevil and blind lawyer Matthew Murdock.

But when DD’s deadly enemy Wilson Fisk (actor Vincent D’Onofrio) is released from prison, Matt has to choose between hiding from the world, or embracing his destiny as a superhero – a situation complicated by a fake Daredevil murdering his way across New York.

Hmmmm. My guess for that fake Daredevil … enter Bullseye, stage right!

Season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil hits Netflix October 19th 2018.

Daredevil (3rd season on Netflix - trailer).

Daredevil (3rd season on Netflix – trailer).


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