Lost Girl Season 3 DVD boxset (DVD review).

The first season was mediocre, the second was good and the third season which we review here is really good! That said, ‘Lost Girl’, the Canadian supernatural drama, just seems to get better and better.

For those of you who do not know what ‘Lost Girl’ is all about, it’s centred around a succubus by the name of Bo who lives in the fae world, the mysterious world of elves, goblins and suchlike living in our midst but largely undetected by humankind. A succubus is rather difficult to describe but she is a woman of excessive sexual energy. Humans can’t resist her charms but, unfortunately, should a man ever manage to enjoy the pleasures she offers, the sheer exuberance of the affair would be so great that he inexorably dies from the experience. While this is rather nasty, I suppose it’s better than being chucked in a pool of piranha fish!


Anna Silk who plays the part of Bo is also sexier than in the first two seasons. I don’t know how this is possible but it just seems to be the case. Maybe it’s because she is a little bit wicked, a little bit evil perhaps which adds a touch of uncertainty and spice to her charms. Her boobs seem to be bigger. This may be imagination or special effects but there are definitely more pixels to the pound than we’ve seen before with our favourite pixie! Whatever the case, it’s probably not best to subject the matter to analysis.

In the last season, there was a battle between the good and the bad fae. We are now in the aftermath of the calamitous catastrophe which took place and the accent is now on personal relationships. Nonetheless, nothing is straightforward in the dark underworld that she inhabits. Bo decides that she will have a steady relationship with someone or something, strange as that may seem, but due to her nature as a succubus such a venture would seem as difficult as staying dry in a swimming pool. She also becomes a bit disrespectful for the laws of the fae and you know that will only cause trouble.

In the first episode, she gets chucked into prison. This isn’t San Quentin, it’s a special place for the fae but she’s gone there to get inside information on dire things perpetrated within the walls. Amazons are in charge but there is a man behind the scenes who is doing nasty things to some other inmates in order to make a fast buck.

Bo’s human sidekick, Kenzi, gets taken over somewhere in the episodes, pushed to the side so to speak, with another spirit taking over her body. Unknown to Bo, her friend now becomes her enemy. That’s just one of the many dastardly deeds taking place in a season full of convolutions, conspiracies and dramatic constructions. There are so many different species in the fae world, each with their own set of rules and properties that you frankly get a bit mixed up but it doesn’t really matter because it all seems to work out okay in the end. The secret is that you don’t take it all too seriously. It’s a bit of a fantasy trip, really, but it’s meant to be and that’s half the fun.

The chances of Bo remaining monogamous are a bit like the chances of my horses at Cheltenham. Slim to non-existent! The attempt to do so makes her come out in a nasty rash. Would there be a cure? Possibly, but it would be expensive. Apart from that, the plots become quite complicated with multiple interactions between characters. Kenzi wants to be a fae but it would be difficult to make such a transition and there were Druids hanging about. In particular, there is Massimo, who is a rather nasty character but not as bad as Dr. Isaac Taft, the fae hunter who is a psychotic mad scientist. The latter is out to get all of them! He takes prisoners, but I wouldn’t like to be in his prison.

I believe there is a fourth season coming out on DVD before too long. Hopefully, it will continue the trend of improvement in ‘Lost Girl’ but I think it’s getting to the point where it could lack direction. Where does it go from here? Frankly, it seems to have explored all there is to know in the fae world and further additions would only make it unnecessarily complicated. The characters seem to have progressed as far as they can go, so what’s next? It will be interesting to see what happens in the next season.

‘Lost Girl’ maybe should be re-titled ‘Lust Girl’ but that would be giving it a different dimension. Aimed at young adults, it seems to be very successful. The scripts are well crafted and finished in a satisfactory manner. There is nothing really bad about the series, nothing which could act as a reason not to recommend it and, with that in mind, here’s hoping that it will go on into the future with continued acclaim. The DVD package can be recommended for a wide variety of reasons but most of all it can be recommended because it’s fun.

Rod MacDonald

March 2014

(region 2 DVD: pub: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 3 DVD 550 minutes 13 * 42.5 minute episodes. ASIN: B00GRTVTXU. Price:£18.87 (UK))

subtitles in English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Hindi. dubbed in Spanish

cast: Anna Silk, Kristen Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland and Zoie Palmer

check out website: www.sonymasterworks.com

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  • Didn’t Silk have a baby between S2 and S3? I think this explains the boobs. Also there was a few above the waist shots and baggy clothes along the way. Agree with how the series just got better throughout.


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