Jago & Litefoot: Series Six Box Set by Jonathan Morris, Matthew Sweet, George Mann and Justin Richards (CD review).

The peregrinations of the perpetually perspicacious Henry Gordon Jago and the sanguineous, occasionally sanctimonious Professor George Litefoot continue to amuse and entertain and this is the sixth series boxset and four tales of ‘Jago & Litefoot’!


Amazing to think that a brief partnership in a small TV series in the late 1970s has created this marriage made in the heaven of the Big Finish mixing pot. This has proved to be a most popular pairing since Sherlock and Watisname.

6.1 The Skeleton Quay by Jonathan Morris

Jago and Litefoot are sent by the mysterious Colonel working for the royal personage herself, Queen Victoria, to investigate the inexplicable fog that keeps appearing over the cliffs on the Suffolk Coast. Litefoot meets an intriguing lady on the train and a further cliff-top encounter leads to danger for the intrepid pair. A mystery story that develops well and has a good finish.

We also find out that since returning from the 20th century, the pair are losing their memories of the future and all their extra-terrestrial travels as well. We shall see if this becomes part of a plot in the future.

6.2 Return of the Repressed by Matthew Sweet

When Jago starts dreaming of something monkeying about, its time to send for the amazing Doctor Freud. There’s plenty here to fill volumes of the casebook but, when the ape appears in reality, it’s a simian sensation.

This slightly bonkers tale manages to cover all the aspects of Victorian repressions and is ably presented by the master of the genre Matthew Sweet.

6.3 Military Intelligence by George Mann

The mysterious Colonel requests the pair’s presence and their new challenge directed by Queen Victoria herself is to tell him everything about the previous investigations, all 5 series! What is up with the Colonel? Why is he so interested in ‘The Mahogany Murders’ and ‘Dr. Tulp’? Does he not realise that this ‘Companion Chronicle’ is still available from Big Finish?

Jago and Litefoot are a little bit concerned by the clever Colonel and they consider he might not be quite on the level.

6.4 The Trial of George Litefoot by Justin Richards

Litefoot’s on porridge for the duration and it could be curtains for the dazzling duo when he’s at the end of his rope!

With Litefoot in the jug, it is down to Henry Gordon Jago to save the day and the resulting explosive finish is a neat wrap of the previous plots.

This is yet another smashing boxed set and I think the characters have proved to be both endearing and enduring. The quality of the writing and production is excellent and, as always, it’s a shame when you get to the end and have to wait impatiently for the next one. Everybody loves Gordon Henry Jago and Professor George Litefoot and there is also a disc of behind the scenes shenanigans to listen to. Corks!

Sue Davies

January 2014

(pub: Big Finish. 5 CDs 300 minute story with extras. Price: CD: £35.00 (UK), Download: £30.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78178-103-6)

cast: Trevor Baxter,Christopher Benjamin, Conrad Asquith. Lisa Bowerman, Geoffrey Whitehead, Francesca Hunt, Keith Bartlett, Adrian Lukis Nancy Carroll, Timothy Speyer and David Timson

check out website: www.bigfinish.com


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