Flash Gordon 4K blu-ray is aliveeee? (news).

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There’s a 4k remaster of the classic Flash Gordon movie along with free Brian Blessed shouting (and over-acting), and some nice Queen music, too, to celebrate the flick’s 40th anniversary, arriving August 3rd 2020.

This classic piece of 1980s cheese featured a cast including Sam J Jones (Flash Gordon) Brian Blessed (Prince Vultan) Timothy Dalton (Prince Barin) Max Von Sydow (Ming The Merciless) and Melody Anderson (Dale).

Nearly £50 for the top-end release, but with lots of goodies in the collector’s box including a 32-page booklet, a 16-page mini book … The Story of Flash Gordon, a reproduced booklet of the first strip of original comic books, and a poster of the original artwork.

In the UK you can blag your copy from https://amzn.to/2zZMLej

FLASH forward…According to Queen he’s “just a man with a man’s courage…”


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