Do human-alien hybrids walk among us?

In this advance look at Season 11 of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens episode, entitled The Returned, we meet people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. They also sometimes say that their DNA was manipulated, and that human-alien hybrids walk among us.

Could this be true? Hmmmm …

Do human-alien hybrids walk among us?
Do human-alien hybrids walk among us?

2 thoughts on “Do human-alien hybrids walk among us?

  • Hmmmm… Indeed.

    Warning – the following is a bit of a rant:

    Even disregarding the date of this article’s posting I have to say, as a sort of scientist, that I’m depressed by the sheer number of these programmes that appear to be taking over the ‘educational’ (to be positive) channels. It isn’t helped when one of the regular pundits seems to have stepped straight out of Babylon 5 and at least one other just seems to be bat-shit crazy – and I don’t think it helpful that current trends appear to be to include CGI (I presume) effects into the narrative. And all the breathless excitement of the voice-overs cannot make up for the fact that there is very little (any?) actual evidence presented.

    One has to admire the way ‘they’ manage to spin so much out of so little. The only real consolation is that no matter how firmly a statement is made as being a fact eventually the proviso ‘possibly’ is inserted to undermine those definite claims… ‘Ancient alien experts claim or believe… ‘ is a phrase that crops up frequently.

    Whatever happened to proper scientific evaluation?

    If I seem to know more than a sceptic should it’s because my beloved watches a lot of these programmes – and knows better than to try to convince me to watch; I often hear the sound though.

    I have to say that I enjoyed the recent fictional Project Blue Book – even if I’m a bit depressed that it was made (or at least broadcast) by the History Channel…

    • The truth is out there


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