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UFO/UAP news roundup (28th August 2022).

Here’s the weekly round-up of all the best new content that is fit to print, and some that probably isn’t, concerning the topic of UFOs, UAPs, and a sugary side-dollop of woo.

Jim Semivan, a former CIA Operations Officer and the co-founder of the organisation ‘To The Stars,’ joins the CAB team for a conversation that covers a broad range of topics pertaining to UFOs.

Dark Journalist demonstrates that intelligence agencies such as the CIA, as well as the media, are now pushing the shutdown of nuclear missiles by extraterrestrials as a dangerous threat as part of a high-stakes competition known as the National Security State UFO File WarGames.

A conversation with Ross Coulthart, Chris Lehto, Vinnie Adams, and Carl the Crusher, brought to you by the UAP Society. Congress in the United States is eager to find out the answer to the question, “Was a US president lied to, and will there be adequate disclosure in the coming months?”

During the MUFON 2022 conference, Ron James conducts an interview with Congressman Tim Burchett regarding the secrecy surrounding UFOs.

Here’s a deep dive into the UFO and UAP ‘Need to Know’ Documentary with Coulthart & Zabel.

UAP Phenomena, Von Neumann Probes, Freeman Dyson’s “Astrochicken,” and Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Monolith” are all topics that Dr. Avi Loeb covers in this episode.

There is more to the Calvine UFO tale than meets the eye, according to an exclusive interview with a former freelance photographer for the Scottish Press who has seen all six images.

There are several stories circulating regarding upcoming disclosures that might drastically alter the globe in the near future as the UFO disclosure process moves forward.

Former Jane’s Defence Weekly editor Nick Cook discusses black programmes, reverse engineering, disclosure, consciousness, and the Calvine UFO incident.

For over two hours, Andy is joined by John Greenwald of The Black Vault to discuss the Tic-Tac incident being US technology and whether or not he believes we are being visited by a non-human intelligence.

UFO Disclosure, the Admiral Wilson leaks, crash recoveries, and how Congress is handling UFOs are all topics Ross Coulthart discusses in this interview.

Steve, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, saw his first UFO in 2011 while travelling with his wife on a vacation close to Nova Scotia. Since then, he has installed cameras to record what is happening in the skies over Area 51 and Las Vegas on his property west of the city.

Dan and Nathan join Andy to discuss a variety of news stories and talking points from the last two weeks, including Ross Coulthart’s most recent 7news Australia documentary, Out of This World; The Hill piece, “Congress indicates UFOs have non-human origins;” and the Calvine UFO controversy.

Why we need to be doing interstellar archaeology, and how Avi Loeb and his colleagues at the Galileo Project want to retrieve an interstellar object from the depths of the ocean are topics that will be covered in this podcast.

Andy is joined by Rizwan Virk to talk about simulation theory, and Andy wonders aloud whether or not we are participants in some kind of game. If that’s the case, who controls the simulation?

Thanks to science fiction & fantasy author Stephen Hunt for compiling and authoring this weekly report. Best-known for creating the steampunk genre with his best-selling Jackelian series (HarperCollins/Macmillan/Tor), the first of Stephen’s Sliding Void space opera series adventures was simultaneously the #1 most downloaded novel on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Canada. Mr. H. now makes time in between scribbling his literary endeavours to go so far down the rabbit hole that we’d need to dispatch the White Rabbit as a Crash Retrieval Specialist to rescue his ass. He’s now released his very first non-fiction work, investigating the odd world of UFOs and UAPs… Strange Incursions. Grab your copy from https://amzn.to/3yUBcRj

UFO/UAP roundup (5/12/21).


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