Disney is worried the kids have abandoned Star Wars (news).

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Are the kids now abandoning Star Wars?

Disney’s financial results and their Star Wars franchise specifically is increasingly looking like a bad bet for the Mouse. Especially in the face of a run of very successful Marvel movies.

Star Wars, only for your dad? I hope not. Otherwise it’ll end up like Star Trek as far as our next generation of fans are concerned!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Land comes to Disneyland.

Disney is worried the kids have abandoned Star Wars (news).

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  1. Philip Cowhig says:

    News story is relevant (SW franchise is struggling). Opinionated commentary from beardy bloke is tiresome know-it-all theorizing. Self-appointed expert on screenplays, direction and film audience opinion. What a surprise that he likes all the Marvel movies except Capt Marvel… what could he possibly be objecting to?

    I like SF Crowsnest but you can do better than linking to this kind of negative nerd-rant.

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