Deadpool Reloaded: More Music From The Motion Picture (CD review).

I should point out from the start that this isn’t the original soundtrack but the extra music tracks from the 2016 film ‘Deadpool’.


Based on opening track, ‘Merc With A Mouth’, lyrics, ‘Deadpool Reloaded’ is clearly adult orientated, which is a shame as the rest of the tracks from the film are more general issue until you hit ‘Deadpool Rap’. Hell, it even has The Chorettes ‘Mister Sandman’ and you can’t go tamer than that. Oddly, the one track you would have thought would be on here but isn’t is Wham!’s ‘Careless Whisper’ although it was mostly only hinted at in the film.

If anything, the choice of music tracks go across the range so hardly surprising that there are a couple rap numbers, ‘The Boys Are Back’ by Campfire and ‘Deadpool Rap’ by Teamheadkick.

I do like the instrumental ‘Maximum Effort’ by Night Club but it does have an element of New Order crossed with the Pet Shop Boys in its beat. In contrast, ‘Twelve Bullets’ by El Hueryo is a lot more laid back and addictive with a hint of Kraftwerk, although there are two remixes on this album, and I prefer the first one. I guess Deadpool couldn’t make up his mind which he liked. Mind you, I’m still getting my head around why Deadpool would like Chicago’s ‘You’re My Inspiration’ (this is the complete version, not the one where it runs down in the film) and then accept two rap versions of ‘Deadpool Rap’, then I guess it’s an ego thing, liking anything with his name on it. I suspect he probably appreciated the female version of the ‘Rap’ even if it is potty-mouthed.

The four page booklet has a few photos from the film but is more to do with the credits for the tracks.

‘Deadpool’ has all the makings of a cult movie and so the same will apply to anything associated with it. I suspect if you can’t read the film credits but like the music then you’re going to buy this one just to get them all together.

GF Willmetts

June 2016

(pub: Milan Music. 1 CD 12 tracks 39 minutes. Price: £10.46 (UK). ASIN: 399-829-2)

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