Bring On The Night (A Jake Savage Adventure) by Mark Lord (book review).

Bring On The Night‘ by Mark Lord picks up the story of Jake Savage, former English archer, current fugitive trapped in France. In his last adventure, ‘Chivalry’, Jake demonstrated chivalry to those who should have had a firm grasp on the concept. He was unable to save the damsel, but he did save a young boy. In this tale, Jean, the boy returns to offer him a bargain, die a horrible death or live on as one of the undead.


When Jake runs into Jean, he is with another band of men who obviously don’t understand the concept of chivalry. It is unclear whether Jake has had a hand in their supposedly evil doings; what is clear is the fact that traversing the French countryside in the aftermath of war is an arduous exercise. Jake dreams of returning home, but difficulties block every turn.

One night, a coven of vampires descends upon his camp. The description of the carnage is quite gruesome! Jake is spared by Jean and when another of his band is discovered cowering in the forest, he is spared as well. The pair are then prepared to be judged for their crimes against the French and are imprisoned in caves while the vampires sleep. When an escape plan fails, they face their judgment. Jean has not forgotten the service Jake performed for him.

Medieval Europe held a number of trials. The supernatural elements added to these stories of alternate history by Mark Lord give the characters even more to contend with. The flavour of the period shines through, however. It was a time rife with superstition, which lends these elements more than a touch of verity. One might almost believe possessed suits of armour and vampires actually did roam medieval France. With that in mind, I look forward to the next Jake Savage adventure!

Kelly Jensen

February 2014

(pub: AltHist Press. 22 page ebook. Price: $ 0.99 (US), £ 0.77 (UK). ASIN: B00H12F82U)

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