Blake’s 7 lead actor Gareth Thomas passes away.

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Blake’s 7 lead actor Gareth Thomas passed away yesterday (13th April 2016) at the age of 71.

The announcement about his death said, “It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that Gareth Thomas passed away this morning, 13th April 2016, from heart failure. Our thoughts are with his wife Linda, and his family and friends.”

Blake’s 7 never really hit it big outside the UK, but it was more or less a fixture of many childhoods over here, along with its sly pokes at Thatcher’s Britain (complete with Dominatrix supreme leader Servalan). We got odd wavey teleportation, an AI in a box, and a cool rogue alien ship, The Liberator.

Gareth also acted on TV in such glorious 1970/80s scifi as Star Maidens (a male-female role reversal thing), as one of the leads in spooky Children of the Stones (Stone Henge as a supernatural invader), and Knights of God – a reworking of the Arthurian legend set in a fascist theocracy-controlled future UK.

Blake's 7 lead actor Gareth Thomas passes away.

Blake’s 7 lead actor Gareth Thomas passes away.

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  1. Julian White says:

    ‘Children of the Stones’ – surely it’s the Avebury circle, not Stonehenge?

  2. ColonelFrog says:

    You may well be right – I can’t even remember what I had for dinner yesterday, let alone -sadly – plot points from my 1840s childhood.

    • Julian White says:

      Apologies – my naggingly pedantic brain sees itself as having a mission to correct… Thank you for your most gracious response!

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