Black Knight promises a breathless adventure on Netflix (hold onto your respirators: 2nd trailer).

In a world where air pollution has reached catastrophic levels and respirators are as essential as underwear, who do you call when you need life-sustaining supplies delivered to your doorstep? Well, a brand new South Korean sci-fi TV series, Black Knight, answers that very question.

Set in a dystopian future where the population of the Korean peninsula has been reduced to a measly 1% of all of us, delivery drivers have become the unsung heroes of society. With their respirators firmly in place, these modern-day knights bravely venture into the barren landscape to deliver vital supplies like oxygen to those in need. Honestly, who needs UberEats when you can have your daily dose of fresh air delivered instead?

Enter the legendary delivery man known as “5-8,” played by the eternally brooding Kim Woo-bin. This man is the Chuck Norris of delivery drivers – he’s got extraordinary fighting skills and a mysterious past. And of course, he’s got a heart of gold (and lungs of steel). With his iconic respirator, he’s become the symbol of hope for those left in this smog-ridden world.

As if fighting for survival wasn’t enough, our hero “5-8” takes on a new role in the evenings as the enigmatic Black Knight. He leads a rebellion against the evil Chun Myung Group, which holds all the power in this desolate world, because what’s a sci-fi series without a healthy dose of rebellion?

With a supporting cast that includes Song Seung-heon, Kang Yoo-seok, and Esom, “Black Knight” promises to be packed with gritty action, human drama, and a healthy dose of sarcastic wit, all set against the backdrop of a world struggling to breathe. So, if you’re tired of romantic K-dramas and looking for something with a little more bite (and a lot more smog), this is the series for you.

Netflix’s teaser trailer gives us a taste of the bleak and desolate world our protagonists must navigate, with sand-filled Han River and a partially destroyed N Seoul Tower serving as reminders of the once-thriving city. The trailer even includes a subtle nod to the current state of the environment – perhaps a not-so-subtle reminder to appreciate the oxygen we take for granted today.

Mark your calendars and prepare to hold your breath (literally) as “Black Knight” takes you on a wild ride through a world where delivery drivers are the new superheroes, and oxygen is the ultimate currency. Get ready for a series that’s sure to leave you gasping for air (and probably not from laughing).

Black Knight streams on Netflix on May 12th, 2023. And remember, in this world, your oxy-respirator is your best friend.

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