Black Knight: Netflix’s Korean scifi TV series making you appreciate your delivery driver? (trailer)

The new South Korean streaming science fiction television series, Black Knight, written and directed by Cho Ui-seok, is set to release on Netflix on May 12th, 2023. Based on Lee Yoon-gyun’s webtoon Delivery Knight, the show depicts a dystopian future where air pollution has become a serious issue, and delivery drivers play a crucial role in society.

The story follows the legendary courier ‘5-8’ (played by Kim Woo-bin), who, with his extraordinary fighting skills, meets a refugee boy named Sa-wol (played by Kang Yoo-seok), who dreams of becoming a delivery driver himself. Together, they embark on a mission to save humanity and become the ultimate Black Knights.

The cast also includes Esom as Seol-ah, a military intelligence officer and lifesaver of Sa-wol, and Song Seung-heon as Ryu Seok, the only heir to the Cheonmyeong Group that rules the world with oxygen as a weapon. With such a talented ensemble, we can expect great performances and chemistry on screen.

The delivery drivers in Black Knight are the unsung heroes of the dystopian future, and we can’t help but appreciate their crucial role in society. The series offers an interesting premise, action-packed scenes, and talented cast, making it a must-watch for Korean scifi TV series fans.

It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of action and unique storylines. Remember to thank your delivery driver the next time you receive a package, as they might just turn out to be the heroes we need when the world goes to shambles.

Black Knight: Netflix's Korean scifi TV series that will make you appreciate your delivery driver more than ever? (trailer)
Mad Max meets FedEx?

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