Ancient Armageddon: was a prior human society reset? (science video)

It’s always fun to speculate about what ancient advanced societies might have existed before the ones we know about, such as ancient Egypt. Who knows, perhaps there were civilizations that were so sophisticated they could build pyramids and spanned entire continents. But what happened to them? Could asteroid or comet strikes on Earth have wiped them out?

Let’s start with the evidence. The geological record shows that Earth has been struck by asteroids and comets multiple times in the past. For example, the dinosaurs were likely wiped out by an asteroid strike 66 million years ago. But what about more recent civilizations? Could a rock have struck Earth and wiped out ancient cultures that were almost as advanced as our own?

One intriguing piece of evidence is the discovery of ancient out-of-place artifacts. These are things that have been found in places where they shouldn’t be, such as ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered in the Americas. Some theories suggest these finds could be evidence of ancient civilizations that were wiped out by asteroid strikes.

So, let’s speculate. What if there was an ancient civilization that was nearly as advanced than our own? But one day, a giant asteroid came hurtling towards Earth, wiping out their entire civilization in an instant. All that remains are a few scattered antiques and ruins, hidden deep beneath the ocean sediment.

Then there is the Eye of the Sahara, also known as the Richat Structure, which is a mysterious phenomenon found near west-central Mauritania in Africa. It’s in the Sahara’s Adrar Plateau. It’s a nearly symmetrical geologic structure formed of multiple concentric circles of exposed sedimentary rock that can be seen from space. In fact, that’s how we discovered it in the first place (via observers on the space station). Could this bad boy be Atlantis?

Many theories suggest that the Eye of the Sahara might be the remains of an ancient civilization, such as Atlantis. The symmetrical structure and the concentric circles found in the Eye of the Sahara match the described architectural designs of the ancient city of Atlantis. Also, the Eye of the Sahara is located near the coast, and it is said that Atlantis was an island city that sank into the sea.

It is unknown what the CIA may have found regarding ancient Atlantis during their 1967 mission to search for geomagnetic anomalies, a study which included the Richat Structure.

Speculations arise about the possibility that the CIA were hunting for evidence of ancient civilizations and magnetic pole reversal catastrophes during their investigation.

Nobody knows, but all the CIA have released is that this mission happened. Its results are still under their highest classification category in 2022. Rather odd, right?

Not so much if they don’t want to spook the general population with ideas that nature can erase an advanced human civilisation into dust with a bad roll of the evolutionary dice.

Ancient Armageddon: was a prior human society reset? (science video)
Ancient Armageddon: was a prior human society reset? (science video)

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