Wicked Business (book 2) by Janet Evanovich

‘Wicked Business’ is the second in this series based on the seven deadly sins staring Diesel and Lizzy. Evanovich also writes a series of books about bounty hunters that doesn’t involve the paranormal. This book follows on from ‘Wicked Appetite’, with the adventure Diesel and Lizzy are having while trying to retrieve all seven stones representing the seven deadly sins. The pair have to find them all before their enemies, Wulf and Hatchet, find them all and try to use them to open a portal to hell on Earth.


In this instalment, Diesel and Lizzy are trying to find the stone linked with lust or is it love? This results in them having lots of close calls of the lusty variety. The lust stone certainly puts Diesela and Lizzy to the test regarding their on/off relationship that really should remain off for the good of their magical abilities. This is slightly different from the previous book in the series, as it involves the murder of a romantic which then points them on the trail of the lust/love stone. This did make the book slightly more original in terms of storyline to any of the other Evanovichs I’ve read so far, maybe something she’s trying out. I hope so!


During this book, we also learn a lot more about the relationship between Wulf and Diesel, plus a little more of why Wulf behaves the way that he does. Along with the characters introduced in the previous book, we also get to know Anarchy, a darkly malevolent character with designs on Lizzy, Diesel and Wulf.


As with all of Evnovich’s novels, she relies heavily on slapstick humour and the juxtaposition of the completely weird and the everyday. For example, we’ve probably all had an argument with a pet or loved one over space in the bed but Evanovich goes one stage further and involves a monkey and a ninja cat.


One of the main problems I had with this and many other Evanovich novels is the fact that this really should be called a novella. It’s only 300 pages long and it’s mainly in quite large type, so don’t expect it to last you very long. Having said that, I was very excited to receive this book to review as I’ve enjoyed Evanovich’s other series of books and this one is proving to be very entertaining as well.

Sarah Bruch

August 2012


(pub: Headline. 299 page hardback. Price: £18.99. ISBN: 978-0-34552-777-6)


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