Wicked Appetite (book 1) by Janet Evanovich

‘Wicked Appetite’ is the first in a spin off series featuring Diesel who first appeared in the between the numbers series of books also featuring Stephanie Plum. Janet Evanovich seems to be running a little thin with storylines for Stephanie and is now testing the waters with regard to a paranormal series. To be honest, I have to say I really enjoy both series and I’m happy that Evanovich is giving this a go. I’m also glad that this series of books has an end because Evanovich does have a tendency towards milking a series once it has taken off. This is only going to be a series of seven books based on the seven deadly sins, hence the title of wicked appetite.


In each of the novels in this series, Diesel and Lizzy (Elizabeth Tucker) have to find one of a group of seven stones known to represent the seven deadly sins. Lizzy, along with being a cupcake baker, is also the owner of a magical ability that lets her feel the power of magical objects such as the stones in order to identify them. As usual, there is also a slightly less good version of Diesel and Lizzy in the form of Wulf, Diesel’s cousin, and Hatchet, the only other person with same ability as Lizzy but with the added obsession of believing he’s some kind of knight complete with odd dress-sense. Wulf and Diesel seem to have multiple powers, including being able to unlock doors, vanish and appear at random times and places, etc. Wulf has the slightly more disturbing power of killing people with a single burn mark to the neck.


In this particular novel, Diesel and Lizzy have to search out the stone linked with gluttony cue and Lizzy discovering an insatiable appetite for all things sweet. The gags are kind of obvious but that does make them somewhat comforting as well. Basically, that’s the whole plot, there’s nothing deep and meaningful here just a lot of slapstick hilarity.


As with all Evanovich novels, there is an interesting cast of backing characters including cat7143, who happens to have some wicked ninja moves, Carl the monkey with his oddly human abilities and Glo, the counter girl at the bakery Lizzy works at, who is also a part-time terrible witch.


Overall, this is nothing incredibly stimulating but it is a little bit of urban fantasy fluff that will keep you entertained for an afternoon and I really mean that, it’s not a big book at all!

Sarah Bruch

August 2012


(pub: Headline. 320 page hardback. Price: £18.99. ISBN: 978-0-75535-276-0)


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