War of the Worlds 2020 TV series (trailer).

Here’s a new science fiction TV series – which is a Fox and StudioCanal co-production – that puts a modern spin on HG Wells’ War of the Worlds (a little like the Tom Cruise film). Following an odd SETI contact, aliens turn up and massacre most of humanity – not sure how: the attack looks like a pulse cold-bringer to take out humanity’s electronics, which, as far as I know, can’t wipe brains out.

Anyway, with a tiny portion of mankind having survived in tube tunnels and the like, the invasion begins – and the invaders are either AI robots trying to kill off the remainder of organic life, or drones clearing the way for their alien masters.

The cast list looks good, with the likes of Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern, so hopefully this won’t be the House of Suck.

The series will hit the United States on February 16th 2020 on Epix, and come to the UK on March 5th 2020 via Fox UK (Sky and Now TV).

War of the Worlds 2020 TV series (trailer).
War of the Worlds 2020 TV series (trailer).

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