Exploring an ancient destiny in the sci-fi short film “Wakener” by Anthony Ferraro (full video).

Anthony Ferraro’s latest sci-fi short film, “Wakener,” explores a chilling ancient destiny set against the backdrop of a ghost ship mystery. The film, now available for free on YouTube, follows the story of a broken and haunted ship technician and an ambitious young officer whose paths collide when they are secretly ordered to investigate a ghost ship.

With an eerie atmosphere and a gripping storyline, “Wakener” delves into themes of forbidden technology, destiny, and the complexities of human relationships in a futuristic setting. The film stars Rhomeyn Johnson and features Sapna Gandhi, Anthony Di Petro, and Jonathan Castile.

The visual effects and cinematography in “Wakener” transport the viewer to a distant, mysterious world. Cinematographer Jon Schweigart and visual effects artists James Bonner and Clint Carney bring Ferraro’s vision to life, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

The haunting original score by Matthew Patterson Curry and Oliver Chapoy complements the film’s atmosphere, while sound design by Martin Carrillo adds depth to the narrative. Anthony Ferraro himself serves as the film’s editor, ensuring a cohesive and engaging story unfolds on screen.

“Wakener” is produced by Clint Carney, Eric Michael Kochmer, and Anthony Ferraro. The talented crew includes key makeup artist Kristen Pickrell, station extras Julia Horvath and Josh Gibson, gaffer Jake MacPherson, first AC Noah Frassetto, sound recordists Alex Anikin and Aleksii Laptev, script supervisors Christina Gray and Julia Horvath, production designer Anthony Ferraro, creature creator James Bonner, spaceship model designer Muklis Sadewo, costume and props designer Anthony Ferraro, and Officer Oni body armor designer Jim Logan.

Filmed at JLFX Studios in Burbank, CA, “Wakener” offers a captivating viewing experience for sci-fi and horror fans alike. Don’t miss the chance to watch this intriguing short film on YouTube.

To connect with the filmmaker and stay updated on his latest projects, follow him on Instagram @createscifi, Twitter @zenamerican, and via his website at https://createscifi.com/

Exploring an ancient destiny in the sci-fi short film "Wakener" by Anthony Ferraro (full video).

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