UFO roundup: week ending 4th July 2021 (weird news).

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Here’s the weekly round-up of UFO stuff that we haven’t already covered in more depth this week.

To start off, there’s a piece of early UFO-buffage.

Roswell is the location where the first E.T. craft was said to have crashed. But a memorandum written to the director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover, is now the most downloaded declassified document of the American government.

It describes three incidents with flying saucers that were recovered by the US army in the area of Los Alamos, New Mexico. The FBI wanted a piece of the action, but weren’t allowed. Hence these memos.

And here’s some real out-there stuff, from Dan Willis, a military witness with top secret clearance who testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001.

He reckons there’s some HYDRA-style shit going on, with ex-Nazis who held onto UFO secrets parlaying this into post-war influence and keeping all the future attempts at UFO disclosure on the backburner.


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