UFO and UAP content round-up (week ending 19th Sept 2021).

Here’s your weekly dose of all that is new and interesting in the weird and odd world of UAPs (or rebranded ‘UFOs’, to not frighten the horses).

Lete’s start off with a breakdown of the Admiral Wilson leaks, which was one of the most significant UFO document dumps ever.

This is where Dr. Eric W. Davis, the former CSO of EarthTech International, wrote a series of notes / transcripts about a meeting he had with Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, the 13th Director of the U.S. D.I.A.

The discussion between these two individuals was about UFO related black programmes, specifically a UFO reverse engineering programme, to which Admiral Wilson was denied legal access.

Next, a deep dive into the potential tech behind the UAPs and Tic-Tac UFOs. Dr. Jack Sarfatti presents a novel approach to warp-drive design that uses gravitational metamaterials to build a low-power warp-drive based on well-known relativity concepts. He’ll also talk about how this new concept for warp-drive propulsion explains the reported flying performance of UAPs in the Nimitz engagements with the US Navy.

The negative refractive index of some metamaterials may produce a negative energy density, which when coupled with Bose–Einstein condensate can decrease the speed of light inside the metamaterial to induce anti-gravity effects, according to Jack’s propulsion theory. He thinks that metamaterials are essential for space-time metric engineering within the limitations of General Relativity theory, and that they will make it easier to build a low-power warp drive.

Insiders from the military share their top-secret UFO experiences. The team begins new investigations with the help of a new wave of unique eyewitnesses; these U.S. military veterans testify to a sequence of military-UFO contacts going back to the Vietnam War, and the team tries to link the connections.

Next, a little light viewing from the SecureTeam bloke.

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