Time Out’s The 100 Best SF Films (article news).

A few months ago, I was asked to contribute my top ten favourite SF movies to a list for Time Out Magazine. There were some restrictions like you couldn’t choose film series, which made things tough if you liked more than one in a series so I picked one each out of my favourites, stating that it depends on the day of the week as to whether it would stay that way. I did stay away from super-hero films (which oddly other people didn’t) telling editor Tom Huddleston that they should be dealt with in a separate category. Anything else was by how many times I remembered them.

If you want to see my selection, you need to look here under ‘G’ not ‘W’. I’m in some interesting company.


I wasn’t sure at what it would be like at the end. You can scan the list for yourself as there are a lot of surprisingly missed films. The most surprising is so many foreign films got into the mix but all the usual suspects are still the favourites.


Tom says he’s expecting controversy. Personally, I think I would have gone for at least twenty each.

Geoff Willmetts

July 2014

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