Thunderbirds (1965-66), it’s all F.A.B. now, baby (video).

The 1960s classic scifi TV series Thunderbirds by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson is examined by our damn fine reviewer, Stam Fine.

Thunderbirds, which is set in the 2060s, followed the Supermarionation series Supercar, Fireball XL5, and Stingray. It chronicles the adventures of International Rescue, a life-saving organisation with cutting-edge land, sea, air, and space rescue vessels.

The Thunderbirds, a fleet of five vehicles, serve as the organization’s secret base of operations and are launched from that location in the Pacific Ocean. Ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, the head of International Rescue, and his five adult sons, who operate the Thunderbird aircraft, are the primary protagonists.

Thunderbirds (1965-66), it's all F.A.B. now, baby (video).
Thunderbirds (1965-66), it’s all F.A.B. now, baby (video).

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