The Terminator: Original Music by Brad Fiedel (soundtrack review).

There are times when I jump at an opportunity. Everyone knows the music from ‘The Terminator’ although I bet you would be hard pushed to remember its composer, Brad Fiedel. Even after all these years, the music is strong enough to be listened to sans the visuals and is still sinister by implication and still sends a shiver down the spine with the slow thumping beats underlying the trumpets. The motif of which must surely be up there with John Williams’ ‘Jaws’ theme for being instantly recognisable and to which film. Considering ‘The Terminator’ film itself is some 107 minutes long and the music fulfils two-thirds of that time, it is a very satisfying integrated piece of music.


Obviously, some of the tracks are more sublime than others and these get dominated by the Terminator is coming undertone, often sticking daggers into the music. Even so, they reek of sinister, even mixed in with the racy beats of the chase.

Oddly, the one piece of music omitted is that of the material from the Tech-Noir club but that could have left out for various reasons, not least by the length of the CD already and would surely have disrupted Fiedel’s own music.

The final track is an extended edition of the main theme by an extra two minutes. Mind you, considering that the end credits is some 10 minutes long, this might rouse you to see who is knocking at the door and asking for Sarah Connor. Do what you do with all salesmen wearing sunglasses, tell them to try next door.

I should point out that the cover slip only opens up to reveal the music tracks and there are no comments from the composer or anyone else and only a couple photos from the film.

‘The Terminator’ is surely one of the CD soundtracks that everyone who enjoyed the film must surely want to own. It has lost nothing by being played away from it. Indeed, I defy you not to know where you are there while listening to these tracks.

Don’t forget to check for eyeballs in the sink.

GF Willmetts

June 2016

(pub: Milan Music. 1 CD 17 tracks 68 minutes. Price: £12.16 (UK). ASIN: 399 801-2)

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