The Sensuous Frazetta by J. David Spurlock and Frank Frazetta (book review).

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As pointed out in the introduction, there was a gap from when Frank Frazetta turned from drawing comicbooks to his book covers. During that time, there was his output for 1960s men’s magazines. Don’t confuse this with them being pornographic and the term ‘sensuous’ is used to show women in a good light, although as Frazetta points out he prefers the bottom to the breast.

Even so, all the women are curvy because it makes them more attractive to the eye. With Frazetta’s eye for muscle, you have essentially a collection of good girl art. Something that will strike you from the start is Frazetta gives his women sensual eyes that smoulder and those curves, elegance and allure and not having to rely on models to pose for him.

By far the largest chunk of this book is devoted to comicbook romance material by Frazetta. On the left page, it is shown in black and white and on the right page, as it was printed in full colour. It’s up to you to decide whether you just want to look at the art or read the stories. Part of me did think it was unnecessary padding but thought it was probably to appease different types of audience.

It’s interesting seeing Frazetta recounting his lean times, not to mention spending 9 years ghosting for Al Capp on ‘Li’l Abner’, who lived up to his reputation as a tight-fisted nasty bit of work in how he paid his ghosties and taking all the plaudits.

Of course, at the end of the book, he gets recruited for film poster work, especially as he could get good likenesses and caricatures, all with humour, as needed and there’s also a superb Tarzan in the jungle illustration to die for. Well, not die for. That’s going a bit too extreme.

Don’t be put off by the title, a lot of tops down but nothing I would consider pornographic but, as the title says, sensual. If you’re out to be a Frazetta completest, then this deserves to be in your collection and let you dream about a world where all his females existed.

GF Willmetts

December 2020

(pub: Vanguard Publishing, 2016. 175 page illustrated large softcover. Price: I paid £ (UK) for my copy. ISBN: 978-1-934339-174-3)

check out website: www.VanguardPublishing.com


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